Wild Deer Management

DEERCARE offers a consultancy and advisory service to help improve the deer management on your land.

We work with large estates, farms, small woodland owners, large forestry companies, local authorities and conservation organisations.

On many properties we manage both the deer and the woodlands to achieve natural regeneration that is essential for our Continuous Cover Forestry objectives. Within this management startegy we can then involve a sporting element to the deer management to add an additional source of income for the landowner.

Our long term management strategy produces a high quality, low stressed deer population maintained at a level to complement your other land management interests while always ensuring habitat, tree and crop protection.

We can carry out deer impact and activity assessments and produce deer management plans and, where eligible, apply for deer management related grant funding on your behalf to help cover the costs of the management plan, necessary equipment and implementation.

DEERCARE can transform your deer problem from an economic liability into a sustainable source of additional income.