Wild Deer Stalking

“An Unforgettable Experience” DEERCARE offers wild deer stalking for all 6 of the main UK species, including Fallow & Muntjac as well as Roe, Red, Sika and Chinese Water Deer.

Based in the Hatfield area of Hertfordshire, just ten minutes outside London and the M25, the woodlands and mixed estates under our management provide some very scenic countryside with a substantial cull of muntjac and fallow deer.  As well as Hertfordshire, we have opportunities for stalking across Essex, Central & South East England and throughout the country.

We offer one-on-one guided foot stalking and high seat shooting for both individuals and groups.

All deer management and stalking is carried out in-line with industry best practice so, as well as partaking in a guaranteed enjoyable experience, you can be assured that you are contributing to a well organised, sustainable management programme that ensures the health and protection of the deer and the land that they inhabit.

We are Approved Witnesses for DSC 2, can help with FAC applications and for people without their own FAC we can provide the use of a rifle and all the necessary equipment to get you your first deer.